Expected Outcomes

Measurable Outcomes

As a result of these project initiatives, by mid-2015 we expect to achieve:

  •    Reduced work for research staff, CHR staff, and IRB members
  •    50% reduction in the average number of submission rounds required for Full Committee study approval (from 4.5 to 2.25 rounds)
  •    50% reduction in the days from Full Committee study submission to review at a convened CHR committee meeting (from 52 to 26 days)
  •    Significant reduction in average times to approval for new Full Committee and Expedited Review research, currently 78 days for Full Committee research and 56 days for Expedited Review.

Details about each of the initiatives will be provided in individual CHR bulletins as they are rolled out.


The CHR and PET unit will continue to collect and analyze CHR submission and review processing data to assess the impact of the initiatives.

Adjustments to the new CHR policies and procedures may be needed.